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Category: Birds World

Budgie Behaviour

Although all budgerigars have different personalities, they share certain behaviours. This is just as well, as a knowledge of normal behaviour versus abnormal behaviour is important when deciding whether all is well in your cage or aviary. Budgie Behaviour, Male Read More

Budgie Talking

Budgies are mimics, and will add all manner of sounds to their repertoire. The parrot family, including the budgie, can’t play back sound in the unnervingly accurate ‘digital-recorder’ manner of a Mynah bird or Lyre bird. They give everything a Read More

Budgie Sounds

Sound is one of the defining features of budgerigars. They are full of gentle, twittering music, and provide an almost constant white noise of chatter that brings a great deal of pleasure to their owners. Being intelligent creatures, Budgie’s tweets, Read More